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Charlie John’s Hair Parlor is proud to offer a range of services, haircuts for kids and adults, styling, coloring, and more! We also offer specialty services for updos, including bridal & wedding party styles. Charlie John’s also offers monthly specials, so be sure to check out those! We’d love to help you out. Give us a call or schedule an appointment.

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More than average length or thickness may increase set prices due to extra time needed to complete services (if you can only wrap a ponytail around your hair twice and/or the length exceeds shoulder blades, these increases most likely apply to you).

Consultations for specific prices are always FREE!


Includes 5 to 8 minute shampoo, scalp massage, & blowdry style

Men – $26
​Men w/beard trim – $35
Women – $35
Women w/hot tool style – $45

​*Above average length/thickness may increase prices up to $10 more

Kid Haircuts

​Prices increase as the child’s age increases. These services are priced for a basic child’s haircut. Detailed haircuts on children will increase the base price. *Note – Shampoos are not performed until the child can fit safely in the shampoo chair/bowl

0-3 years old – $10
4 – 9 years old – $11 to $16
10 – 15 years old – $17 to $22*
​16+ years old – $23 to Adult Pricing*

*Teenagers have the same amount of hair and take the same amount of time to complete as an adult; however, we try to keep the amount below adult prices as long as they are in school.


Hot tool only style (flat iron/curling iron) – $15
Shampoo & blowout/set style – $25
Shampoo, blowdry, & hot tool style – $35
Simple (1 to 2) braid style – $15
Intricate braid style – requires free consultation for price
Formal/UpDo style – $60

​*Above average length/thickness may SIGNIFICANTLY increase the price of these services depending on style – between $5-$25 more. A free consultation is required for specific pricing.

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Individual Services

Haircut – $26
Beard trim – $15
Hot Towel Straight Shave – $40
Straight Blade Clean-Up (around neck & hairline, between haircuts)– $10

Service Combos

hct + straight blade finish – $30
hct + beard trim – $35
hct + beard trim + straight blade finish – $40
hct + hot towel shave – $55
hct + hot towel shave + straight blade finish – $58


Eyebrow – $14
Lip – $14
Eyebrow & Lip – $21

Other facial waxing – requires free consultation for specific price.


Pricing for color is greatly affected by the thickness & length of hair. Above-average thickness & length will increase pricing. A free consultation is required for specific pricing.

Certain box colors are made with a different chemical base and may not react correctly with professional color lines – it is important to notify your specialist of all brands of box colors you have used – no judgment here! We just want to approach your color as safely as possible – different color techniques can be used to reduce time and products. There will be an upcharge if the use of box color is not disclosed during the consultation.

Please specify if you will be retouching an all-over color, foils, or both to ensure you are booked for the appropriate time/service.

Virgin Base Color (single, scalp to ends color, no foils)

Virgin color w/ blowdry style – $90
Virgin color w/ haircut & blowdry style – $105
Virgin color w/ haircut, blowdry, & hot tool style – $115

Base Color Retouch (single, all over outgrowth color, no foils)

​Retouch w/ blowdry style – $65
Retouch w/ haircut & blowdry style – $80
Retouch w/ haircut, blowdry, & hot tool style – $90

Hilite/Lowlite Foils (Includes haircut & blowdry style. Hot tool style is an additional $10. ​Toning is an additional $10)

​Top (on part-line and front hairline) – $80
Partial (from ears up) – $105 to $120
Full (whole head) – $135 to $155

Base Color/Foil Combo (base retouch and foils – includes haircut & blowdry style. Hot tool style is an additional $10. ​Toning is an additional $10)

Base color w/ Top foil – $110
​Base color w/ Partial foil – $135 to $150
Base color w/ full foil – $160 to $185

Specialty Color (includes haircut & blowdry style. Hot tool style is an additional $10. Toning is an additional $10.)

​Balayage – $125 to $175
Ombre – $150 to $200
High Fashion Colors (Un-natural/bright colors/grey colors, usually a double process – decolorize & deposit) – $125 to $200
Peek-A -Boo (A few foils to add a pop of color – depends on how many and if a double process is needed) – $50 to $100

*These colors are based on average color and time used to complete services – for specific pricing a free consultation is required.

​Corrective color (Includes blowdry style ONLY. Hot tool style is an additional $10 and haircut is an additional $25)

​Pricing is $50 per hour. Corrective color pricing is applied when previous color services will affect new, desired color results and additional work will need to be done to achieve new, desired color OR when a client comes in to have their color service fixed from a different salon. Corrective color can USUALLY be done within 3-4 hours but may take up to 5 depending on the color issue. A free consultation is required for specific pricing.

Wedding UpDo/Formal Styles

Prices start at:

​Consultation – Free
Bride UpDo/formal style practice – $40
Bride & ​Wedding party UpDo/formal style – $60

We require the bride to schedule a free consultation to discuss desired style, wedding date/time, and count of the bridal party that will need services.

We require the bride to have a practice UpDo/formal style approx. one month prior to the wedding date- this ensures the bride and specialist are comfortable with the style and it allows time for another practice if needed.

We require a deposit to book wedding parties. This deposit will be applied towards payments on the wedding day. The deposit is ONLY refundable if cancellations are 2 or more weeks in advance.

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